Carolyn Grundy

I was diagnosed with CVID in 2010, after several years of illness. My GP had never heard of the condition, despite me telling him (and everyone else in the medical profession that I was referred to) that there was something wrong with my immune system. I have a background in biomedical research and, since diagnosis, have tried very hard to spread the word among any medical professionals I come across. I hope that being on the panel will give me a greater chance of doing this. I live in North Wales with my (very supportive) husband and have 2 “children” and 3 grandchildren. I retired early partly due to moving across the country 15 years ago, but also because I was ill so frequently, I didn’t feel able to look for a job. Following a dramatic improvement since I started immunoglobulin replacement therapy, I have done my best to show people that I am not ”ill” and that I am just as capable as the next person of living a normal life. I go to the gym, play in the local amateur orchestra, paint and travel the world. I am also very interested in learning about any research currently in progress into immunodeficiencies. My ambition is to put my skills to good use as a member of the Patient Representative Panel.