I live in Scotland and delighted to be joining the PID UK Patient Representative Panel. I’ve been living with a diagnosis of IgG subclass deficiency and on IgG treatment since 1990. First I was on IVIG and then changed to subcutaneous IgG. Having worked in the NHS for nearly 35 years and lived with a long term condition for 25 years I firmly believe in the importance of support and information on what helps, being able to talk or hear how others experiencing similar conditions have managed. I know how much I have valued support and knowledge from the PiA and from meeting up with other patients. Key is that people living with a PID do not feel alone in managing this condition. It is good to see how the PID UK has developed since launch in 2013 with a well respected medical panel, attractive and informative website and work in policy, practices and alliances with other key organisations. I’m looking forward to meeting people, being involved as PID UK develops further and hopefully bring an interest and passion about the importance of supporting people living with PID. My other interests and enjoyment in life are my two daughters, walking my dog Rosie on the beach, reading, film and travelling (with IgG subcut) and with my partner. I now have an interesting collection of photographs of lovely views while doing infusions.