I live in Greater Manchester and am delighted to be a member of the Patient Representative Panel. My son was diagnosed with CVID as a teenager in 2000 and I was subsequently found to have IgA deficiency. I have a medical background, having worked as a GP for 27 years and after taking early retirement I was a medical member of the tribunal service sitting on benefit appeals. I know first-hand about the challenges of living with CVID and am pleased to say that my son is able to be an enthusiastic teacher thanks to the support of his immunology team and regular immunoglobulin infusions. I am happy to offer support to others affected by immunodeficiencies through this wonderful organisation. I am especially keen to continue to support Immunodeficiency UK to raise awareness of immune deficiencies among patients, health professionals and the public at large. I have written several information booklets and helped design a survey on remote consultations and hope to continue to contribute to the wealth of information available on the web site. I look forward to working with other members of the PRP. I like to stay active; I am a keen walker and am currently working my way around the Wales Coast Path in stages, and I enjoy travelling, gardening, socialising, and spending time with my children and grandchildren.