Clinical research – ‘It’s OK to ask campaign’

Ever wondered if you could benefit from joining a clinical trial or lack the confidence to ask?  Then the ‘It’s OK to ask campaign’ is there to help you. In a recent consumer poll, only 21% of patients and the public said that they would feel confident asking their doctor about research opportunities - a low number. This campaign, run by the National Institutes of Health Research (NIHR) will raise awareness amongst patients and patient groups about the role of research in the NHS, the role of patients in research, and that it’s OK to ask your doctor about clinical research.

Through the campaign, NIHR is encouraging patients and their carers across the country to ask their family doctor or consultant about clinical research, and whether it might be right for them or their loved one. Everyone is encouraged to use social media to share what they asked their doctor, what happened, and highlight how research matters to patients.

NIHR is also taking the message to clinicians, researchers and NHS institutions, asking them to think positively about empowering patients to ask about clinical studies, and supporting them when they do.

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May 2013