Associated issues in CID

Repeated chest infections, often before the diagnosis of CID is made, can lead to
scarring and widening of the airways (bronchiectasis). In this situation children
usually benefit from regular physiotherapy. This helps to clear secretions and
prevent infection from taking hold. Expert physiotherapists can often teach
parents to do this and older children can do physiotherapy for themselves.
Depending on the particular problems in individual children, other treatments
may also be needed. These will be discussed in detail with your immunology
doctors and nurses.

A new diagnosis of CID can be worrying. Anxiety about catching or passing on
an infection can make life very stressful. The hospital team, nurses and support
groups will provide families with guidance on protecting the child from infection,
keeping the house clean and coping with diet and medication. Parents are
always able to ring the hospital and speak to an immunologist or a nurse if they
are worried at any time.

Genetic counselling

In many cases, the genetic cause of CID can now be identified. This means that 
accurate genetic counselling is available for the immediate and extended family,
 and that prenatal diagnosis, or even pre-implantation diagnosis in highly selected
 cases, is possible for future pregnancies.

Reviewed November 2017