A Study to Determine the Burden of Upper Airway Infection in Patients with Antibody Deficiency (BIPAD)

This study is open to recruitment to patients in Wales who have primary antibody deficiency. The Chief Investigator is Dr Stephen Jolles at the Immunodeficiency Centre for Wales.

Background to the study

Patients with primary antibody deficiency are known to have an increased risk of respiratory tract (sinuses, lungs) infections. Antibody replacement therapy has decreased the risk of serious infections but recurrent minor infections still appear common - see below.

The nature, cause and burden of these recurrent infections remain poorly characterised.

Invitation to take part

Welsh patients with primary antibody deficiency on immunoglobulin replacement therapy are invited to take part in this study, which aims to shed light on this important problem.

To allow comparison to be made, the study also invites partners/spouses of these patients to take part as a ‘control’ – provided they are not affected with immunodeficiency or taking certain medications (such as methotrexate). Through use of a simple diary and high-sensitivity testing of nose-swab samples we will chart the burden of symptoms and infections that occur over the course of a year.

Recruitment is already underway, and during the coming months the aim is to enrol over 40 pairs to this novel study.

For more information contact the Department of Clinical Immunology, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF144XW on 029 2074 5814, or email the study coordinators in advance of your next routine appointment: Charis.Joyce@wales.nhs.uk & Mark.ponsford@wales.nhs.uk


This study has been made possible through support from the Health and Care Research Wales, grant funding for microbiological testing from CSL Behring, and the Immune Deficiency Patient Group Wales. This study has been reviewed and given favourable opinion following Research Ethics Committee review (Reference: 15/NW/0379).

Posted January 2016