Support the Immunodeficiency Community

Every day, thousands of individuals and families are impacted by immunodeficiency. These chronic conditions impair the body’s ability to fight infections, making even the most routine activities a serious risk. 

At Immunodeficiency UK, we are dedicated to advocating for and supporting the immunodeficiency community through resources, education, supporting research and providing a helpline for those in need.   

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’ve launched this crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising £5,000 for vital immunodeficiency initiatives. 

Your Impact

  • £5 contributes towards printing and mailing an informational booklet to someone newly diagnosed.
  • £10 helps cover the cost of a Medikidz comic book to explain primary immunodeficiency (PID) in a child-friendly way.
  • £30 helps fund one hour of operation for our support helpline.
  • £50 allows us to provide a Buzzy Shot pain relief device to a child receiving an immunoglobulin infusion.
  • £75 funds a place in our mental health support program.
  • £100 provides a hardship grant to assist with additional expenses from living with an immunodeficiency.

Together, we can ensure no one faces their immunodeficiency journey alone.

Where Your Donation Goes 

Your generous contribution will directly support: 

  • Providing free resources and information for healthcare professionals and immunodeficiency patients 
  • Operating our helpline for those newly diagnosed or managing their immunodeficiency  
  • Funding mental health programs for immunodeficiency patients and families 
  • Raising awareness and advocating for the immunodeficiency community 
  • Advancing research into causes, treatments, and potential cures 

We have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by immunodeficiency. But we need your help to get there. 

Join our campaign and be a part of the solution today. Every donation, no matter how small, brings us closer to our goal.   

Together, we can create a brighter future for the immunodeficiency community. Thank you for your generosity! 

Real Stories, Real Impact

“My path to diagnosis was long, but Immunodeficiency UK’s resources helped me understand my condition and treatment options.” – Mitch, living with CVID

“CVID doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your life.” – Emma, living with CVID

“I am still learning about my condition…Immunodeficiency UK’s website has been extremely useful to support my learning process.” – Valerie, living with primary antibody deficiency