My daughter Rachel was diagnosed aged 7 with specific antibody deficiency (IgG2 and IgA) at Great Ormond Street Hospital , who treated her with IV immunoglobulin. She was one of the first patients on the UK trial of SubGam, the subcutaneous home infusion, which she is still on 20 years later. I was diagnosed with IgA deficiency a few years after Rachel, and we are both now under the Royal Free's immunology team. With the Primary Immunodeficiency Association which pre-dated PID UK, the two of us took part in various PR initiatives to represent the patient view, such as talking to the media; I even spent an hour on the Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square in 2009 to talk about primary immunodeficiencies! I am semi-retired, have a background in PR and marketing, and am keen to contribute to the growth of Immunodeficiency UK and help support others with immunodeficiencies. I live in Sussex with my husband and two dogs and run regularly, which has helped me combat the effects of my health condition.