Dr Matthew Buckland

I trained in medicine in London and encountered my first PID patient, a CGD patient, in the year I qualified. That early experience stayed with me and inspired me to become an immunologist involved in the long-term medical care of patients with immune disorders. I became involved with the PiA (primary immunodeficiency association) 15 years ago and soon realised how essential patient support organisations and charities are for patients and their families living with chronic disorders. I was proud to be able to support PID UK as the chair of the medical advisory panel since its inception in 2012 and pleased to be able to help ImmunodeficiencyUK establish itself as an independent charity for patients with primary and secondary immune disorders. I am honoured to be a founding trustee and the Chair of Immunodeficiency UK and look forward to seeing the organisation grow and develop a patient led trustee base. When I am not working I live in the Chilterns with my family and enjoy walking the countryside with my dog.