Treatment of MBL deficiency depends on the severity of the symptoms. In most cases no regular treatment of any kind is needed. If infections are mild and infrequent, and the person’s quality of life is not significantly affected, then treatment can be limited to the early use of antibiotics when an infection occurs.

For more information on the use of antibiotics, please read our booklet Use of antibiotics in the treatment of primary immunodeficiencies.

If infections are more severe and/or are occurring frequently and time is being lost from work or school, or in the case of a child if growth and/or development are being affected, then regular, low dose prophylactic antibiotics may be introduced to prevent the development of infections.

If there are recurrent bacterial infections, appropriate antibiotics should be chosen according to the sensitivities of the organism isolated on culture.

Practising good hygiene plays an important role in keeping people with MBL deficiency well. See our advice page on keeping well and healthy.