Carolyn raised money for PID UK by having a collection at her local pub. Here is her story:

‘I was diagnosed with CVID in January 2010, having suffered severe recurrent infections for several years. I had been referred to the Immunology Department at Salford hospital, where I started my treatment, almost immediately. I could not believe the difference it made; I had returned from a very poor quality of life to my previous energetic and enthusiastic self. The staff at Salford were (and still are) wonderful, but I felt I had lost several years of my life. My GP had never heard of the condition and I have since learned that this is quite common. The main reason I wanted to fund raise for PID was to raise awareness of CVID and similar conditions, to prevent others losing chunks of their lives; as a scientist, I would obviously also like to see the provision of more research funding.

‘When I received the info about World PI Week, I asked the manager of our local community pub, the Tyn-Y-Capel in Minera, if I could do a collection. He agreed, so, on a really hot April afternoon, armed with a home-made collecting box and a laminated information sheet, I went to the pub. The customers were incredibly generous and I was able to send a donation of £105 to PID UK.’

Posted May 2015