Our mission and strategy

Immunodeficiency UK’s mission is to work with patients, healthcare professionals and other relevant organisations to ensure that those affected by primary or secondary immunodeficiency have the knowledge needed to manage their condition effectively and to ensure that their health needs are understood and addressed by those involved in policy and delivery of healthcare.

Our main strategic priorities are:

  • To provide assistance, advice or guidance in relation to the diagnosis, management and treatments for primary and secondary immunodeficiency, and to improve the quality of life for those affected
  • To promote awareness and understanding of primary and secondary immunodeficiency, and the impact on those affected, among the general public and within the medical profession
  • To provide a helpline service, events, practical support and advice
  • To encourage and support research into the causes, treatments, prevention and cures for primary and secondary immunodeficiency, and to publish the useful results of that research.

To help Immunodeficiency UK in its work, we are a member of several umbrella groups, including Genetic Alliance UK, the Specialised Healthcare Alliance, Benefits and Work, The National Council for Voluntary Organisations and The Foundation for Social Improvement. Immunodeficiency UK is the UK national member of the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI).