“Last year my good friend Sandeep said how he wanted to run a marathon… after me calling him foolish we started to think about this, what could he do so that he had to go through with it. So we came up with fundraising for PID UK. Sanders asked me to help the fundraising with him so I agreed.

However I was not going to run it! No chance! LOL, so I thought how could I support my best friend. It came to us over dinner one night.. I said if we get over £1000 I will shave all my hair off! I laughed at the time, thinking we would never make it. HOWEVER! The moment we started to share this info on social media sites, more and more donations came flooding in! Now we just went over £1500!!! Which is amazing.. But it did mean we had to do the deed. So as a man of my word, Sanders got to take the clippers to my barnett.

Although this is the first time since I was born that I have been bald, I am so proud to be wearing it, as it meant that so many people we knew even if they donated as a laugh, still gave thier hard well earned pennies to such a great cause!!

Well, on to the next challenge.. (but I dont think I will ever offer my hair again)!”

Drew’s headshave for PID UK

You can watch the video of Sandeep shaving off Drew’s hair at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKxtJAq9GJk