Make Your Birthday Mean More – Start a Facebook Fundraiser!

Want to do something good for your birthday that will make a real difference? Are people never sure what to buy you as a gift? Then why not set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser in aid of Immunodeficiency UK? It’s easy, free, and an incredibly meaningful way to celebrate.

How it works

  1. Log into your Facebook account and go to “Fundraisers” in the Community Resources section.
  2. Search for “Immunodeficiency UK” and select our charity.
  3. Follow the steps to create and customise your fundraising page.
  4. Share your page with family and friends and let them know why our cause is important to you!

We’ve provided some sample text about our work to make creating your fundraiser easier:

“I’m raising money for Immunodeficiency UK, a charity supporting those affected by immunodeficiency. Immunodeficiency disorders impair the body’s ability to fight infections, leaving patients vulnerable.

They aim to help ensure that those affected by a primary or secondary immunodeficiency have the knowledge needed to manage their condition effectively and to ensure that their health needs are understood and addressed by those involved in policy and delivery of healthcare.”

Celebrating your birthday by fundraising allows you to make a positive impact on the immunodeficiency community while adding greater meaning to your special day. Friends and family can contribute to a cause close to your heart.

Keep Us Informed! If you’re fundraising for Immunodeficiency UK, we’d love to hear about your efforts! Email to let us know and find out other ways you can get involved. Every contribution helps ensure no one faces their immunodeficiency journey alone.