Skydive for immunodeficiency

Raise money to help individuals and families affected by immunodeficiency by taking the jump of a lifetime! Register your place now on the event organiser’s website.

Picture this: You’re in a plane, 10,000 feet up! Below you, it’s all fluffy clouds and a big blue sky. Now, imagine getting closer to that open door. Maybe you’ve got a super-experienced instructor with you, counting down over the noisy plane, or maybe you’re feeling extra brave and ready to fly solo! Either way, that moment you step out is AMAZING – a rush of wind, a breathtaking view, and the coolest feeling ever. Skyline can make this dream happen for you! It’s the adventure you’ll be talking about forever.

Skydive: Tandem, Accelerated freefall
Date: Various dates available
Location: UK-wide
Booking deposit: £70 for all skydives
Minimum sponsorship: £395 (tandem), £535 (freefall)

*For airfields based in Scotland, and Maidstone the minimum sponsorship level for a tandem skydive is £450.

Skyline has jumps happening all year long! If you know exactly when you want to take the plunge, you can sign up right now on their website. If they’ve got space on your chosen date, awesome – you’re all set! If not, don’t worry – Skyline will get in touch to figure out another time that works for you.