I have just started university and have a PID should I have the meningitis and septicaemia vaccines?2023-04-06T07:48:55+00:00

Both the meningitis and septicaemia vaccines are killed vaccines so PID patients should definitely have the vaccination. PID patients may not make the most effective response to the vaccine but it’s better to have some protection.

How do I get help with health costs for prescriptions etc?2023-04-06T07:48:56+00:00

Prescription charges only apply in England.  If you are on any type of benefit you may qualify for help. Find out more at

Can taking prophylactic antibiotics help avoid a person getting infected by COVID-19?2023-04-06T07:48:18+00:00

It is more likely that antibiotics prevent secondary bacterial infection in someone who has COVID than preventing COVID altogether.  This is the most likely explanation for benefit observed in some patients given e.g. Azithromycin.


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