I ran in the Paisley 10k for PID UK in 2018 following my CVID diagnosis four years ago. I crossed the finish line after 57 minutes.

I can definitely run faster than I could 12 months ago, given all the training I’ve done. I started running and training about a year ago and try to run at least four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

My local running group is fantastic, and members can often be seen on a Tuesday night running the streets of Cambuslang and the surrounding area. The group is diverse in terms of capabilities and speed but there is such warmth and a genuine community spirit.

The Tuesday night runs have been crucial in getting me back to some level of fitness since my diagnosis. I think back to when I was so ill that walking up the stairs was a challenge; now I can run 10k fairly easily. I have another 10k event to do and am entered for the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow, which is a half marathon. This is a bit of a step up in terms of the challenge and distance, but I know that the Newton Road Runners will get me over the finish line.

Running isn’t for everyone but with the right support I think anyone could do it. It’s great for your physical health and does wonders for your mental health. I do my infusions over a three-day period weekly, so after my Tuesday night run I shower, then begin my infusion. I always feel fantastic after a run.