Matthew Buckland MBBS MSc PhD FRCP FRPCath FHEA. Chair of Trustees.

I trained in medicine in London and encountered my first PID patient, a CGD patient, in the year I qualified. That early experience stayed with me and inspired me to become an immunologist involved in the long-term medical care of patients with immune disorders. I became involved with the PiA (Primary Immunodeficiency Association) 15 years ago and soon realised how essential patient support organisations and charities are for patients and their families living with chronic disorders. I was proud to be able to support PID UK as the Chair of the Medical advisory panel since its inception in 2012 and pleased to be able to help Immunodeficiency UK establish itself as an independent charity for patients with primary and secondary immune disorders. I am honoured to be a founding trustee and the Chair of Immunodeficiency UK and look forward to seeing the organisation grow and develop a patient led trustee base. When I am not working I live in the Chilterns with my family and enjoy walking the countryside with my dog.

Hannah Bruce

I was diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency when I was a baby and now have the current diagnosis of Primary Immune Dysregulation. I am on the patient representative panel giving advice from a patient perspective. I also run a facebook group for those with primary immunodeficiencies. When growing up there wasn”t much to help younger patients so that has always been my wish. I was keen to be a founding trustee of Immunodeficiency UK to help patients continue to get the support they need whilst living with an immune deficiency. I have a BA in business administration and an MA in marketing. For close to 5 years I worked with Dr Walsh on Primary Immunodeficiency UK communicating with members and other stakeholders. I live with my dog who is also my infusion partner and together we read, garden a bit and generally cuddle up together.

Diane Hammond

My daughter Rachel was diagnosed aged 7 with specific antibody deficiency (IgG2 and IgA) at Great Ormond Street Hospital , who treated her with IV immunoglobulin. She was one of the first patients on the UK trial of SubGam, the subcutaneous home infusion, which she is still on 20 years later. I was diagnosed with IgA deficiency a few years after Rachel, and we are both now under the Royal Free’s immunology team. With the Primary Immunodeficiency Association which pre-dated PID UK, the two of us took part in various PR initiatives to represent the patient view, such as talking to the media; I even spent an hour on the Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square in 2009 to talk about primary immunodeficiencies! I am semi-retired, have a background in PR and marketing, and am keen to contribute to the growth of Immunodeficiency UK and help support others with immunodeficiencies. I live in Sussex with my husband and two dogs and run regularly, which has helped me combat the effects of my health condition.

Valerie Brisse-Uhlig

I have been personally involved in the management of a primary immune deficiency disorder since 2015. I look forward to supporting Immunodeficiency UK with my experience and skills of over twenty years in pharmaceutical marketing and communication. I have worked in the human and veterinary pharmaceutical industries and in the medical device industry since 1998. Initially in corporate roles, I then started providing freelance pharmaceutical marketing services in 2011. As part of my career journey, I have developed a special interest in health literacy over the past few years. I am passionate about simple patient communication to help improve health outcomes and make a positive impact on patients’ lives. This has led me to support Primary Immunodeficiency UK (now Immunodeficiency UK) as a volunteer since late 2020 with some of their newsletter content. In addition to my pharmaceutical marketing activities, I am also a qualified professional translator, English into French. I enjoy combining my commercial and linguistic expertise to help organisations understand French-speaking markets and communicate with their partners and customers. I live in Berkshire and when I am not working, volunteering or progressing my professional development, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two children, cooking, baking, cake decorating and keeping fit, lately with mountain biking. I also have two cute house bunnies that keep me busy!

Tamara Moubazbaz

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to work with Immunodeficiency UK to raise awareness, support research and help other patients navigate life with an immune deficiency. I was diagnosed with a PID in 2013, after a decade of poor health and miserable quality of life. The pandemic years have made me realise just how little is understood by the general public about the immune system and have prompted my desire to get involved in whatever way I can.

In my day job as a market researcher, I help brands grow and hope that I can apply my skills to contribute positively to Immunodeficiency UK. I live in London with my dog Alfie.

Jane Shepard

I have been involved with the immune deficiency area for the past 20 years, working both in the UK and internationally for several immunoglobulin producers: Baxter, BPL and LFB – heading up the latter in the UK until the end of 2021. My experience over this period ranges from the launch of the first subcutaneous immunoglobulin and early home therapy programmes to negotiating and managing supply for UK patients. The community has always held a special place in my heart – more particularly as close family members were amongst those treated in the early days of the Oxford centre, and I am pleased to be now in a position to act as a trustee for Immunodeficiency UK. I have recently moved back to my old university city of Bristol after a 10-year absence, and am enjoying reconnecting with life here.



Immunodeficiency UK is run by a small team of two staff (equivalent to 1.3 full time equivalents ) and wonderful volunteers. Dr Susan Walsh, who is the CEO previously led Immunodeficiency UK’s predecessor organisation PID UK.

Dr Susan Walsh, CEO, Immunodeficiency UK

Susan is the CEO of Immunodeficiency UK, having led the development of PID UK since its inception in 2013. Susan has a degree in biochemistry and a PhD. She is an ex-trustee of the Association of Medical Research Charities, the XLP-Research Trust and Genetic Alliance UK. She graduated as a EUPATI Fellow in 2017 and is a patient advocate on the National Plasma Product Expert Advisory Group, NHS Scotland.

Fay Fagon, Digital Communications, Marketing and Fundraising Assistant, Immunodeficiency UK

Fay has seven years’ experience in Marketing and Communications for charities and the public sector and is currently completing a degree in Marketing. She is passionate about increasing fundraised income to allow charities to provide more expansive services to the people they support. Fay has experience across a wide variety of digital marketing and communications activity and has previously worked at the youth cancer charity Teenage Cancer Trust and older person’s charity MHA.