Buying the right insurance policy at an affordable price can be difficult if you have a health condition. The Money Advice Service what you need to know to get to best policy for your needs.

Travel insurance companies that cover people affected by immunodeficiency

Here is a list of travel insurance companies that people with an immunodeficiency have used successfully. Remember it is best to shop around to get the best quote.

If you know of other companies who were helpful to you let us know.

This is a recommendation from an over 65 years of age couple affected by PID.

0800 2942969
0800 033 4902

A recommendation from a family with children with a PID.

Specialises in arranging quality travel insurance for people who have had difficulty finding cover due to pre-existing conditions of all kinds. Used by a PID patient with other pre-existing medical conditions.

0344 247 474

0800 036 4824

This company specialises in sport and activity holidays, provides cover for people up to the age of 64 years and is a recommendation from a patient with CVID.

Companies that have confirmed that they would conisder cover to poeple affected by immunodeficiency

Companies below say that they would assess each individual case and would not unilaterally declare they would cover immunodeficiency in general.

Avanti travel insurance specialise in pre-existing medical conditions and over 50s travel insurance and will consider all medical conditions when providing cover.

0800 888 6195

MIA specialise in affordable travel insurance for people with pre-existing illnesses. Their Clear2Go cover is for those with medical histories of varying severity.

0800 999 3333

Insure and go will consider any medical condition.

0330 400 1383

Able 2 Travel offer a travel insurance solution for travellers with medical conditions.

01892 839 501 are a comparison site helping people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Reviewed August 2022