FAQs about Secondary immunodeficiency

Here we provide answers to the questions that people have asked about secondary immunodeficiency.

Q. My daughter has a secondary immunodeficiency caused by chemotherapy. Can she become a member of Immunodeficiency UK?

A. Yes your daughter is eligible to join and we would welcome her support.  The information we have on immunoglobulin, antibiotics and other general health information will be of relevance to her.  She can register to become a member from our home page at http://www.immunodeficiencyuk.org and our booklet on secondary immunodeficiency can be accessed here.

Q. I have developed a secondary immunodeficiency (SID) as a result of treatment for cancer. I think I need immunoglobulin replacement therapy but my Immunologist won’t prescribe this. What should I do?

A. Ask your immunologist for your total Immunoglobulin levels and vaccine responses. They cannot prescribe you immunoglobulin treatment until you have trialled a three month continuous course or preventative antibiotics as often SID patients respond well to prophylactic antibiotics and do not require Ig therapy. Take a look at our booklet on SID.