Immunoglobulin replacement therapy is a blood-based treatment. The immunoglobulin contains antibodies which will help fight infection. You have been recommended this treatment because your doctors have found that your immune system (or your child’s immune system) is not making antibodies. Immunoglobulin can be given intravenously or subcutaneously. It is available to people affected by certain types of primary and secondary immunodeficiency, subject to strict eligibility criteria set down by the NHS.

Over 7,270 people with immunodeficiency in the UK relied on this life-saving medicine in 2020-2021.

Here you can find information on this treatment and updates on the provision of immunoglobulin products in the UK.

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Immunodeficiency UK has a range of booklets about immunoglobulin therapy. These can be found on our resources section here. Resources – Immunodeficiency UK