Immunodeficiency UK, is a charity supporting individuals and families affected by a primary and secondary immunodeficiency in the UK. The charity’s day-to-day operations are funded entirely by donations and grants.

Our aims are to help ensure that those affected by a primary and secondary immunodeficiency have the knowledge needed to manage their condition effectively and to ensure that their health needs are understood and addressed by those involved in policy and delivery of healthcare.

Why a regular gift?

By choosing to give a regular gift, you will be helping us to plan ahead and ensure we can be there for those living with an immunodeficiency and their families. A regular gift helps create a steady income stream and will allow us to run and develop services now and in the future.

Regular gifts help us to:

  • plan and develop services vital for people with immunodeficiencies
  • advocate on behalf of people affected by primary or second immunodeficiency
  • create and share up-to-date information and resources.