Setting up an online donation page

Thank you for wanting to fundraise for Immunodeficiency UK! Fundraising is a challenge but giving online is the easiest way to get your supporters to donate. Here we give tips for setting up that all important donation page.

Immunodeficiency UK is registered on JustGiving, making it easier for you.

For transparency:

  • JustGiving charges charities 5% commission on donations, 5% on Gift Aid and a 1.25% card-processing fee

Setting up a fundraising page

First of all decide which online platform you want to use.

To set up a Just Giving fundraising page click here.

Once you’ve created your fundraising page, you’ll be given the option of customising it.

  1. Tell your story: Publicise your story so that your potential supporters can see why you are supporting and fundraising for Immunodeficiency UK.
  2. Set a target: Specify on your page the amount of money you’re hoping to raise. Make the target achievable to encourage people to support you.
  3. Add a photo: Post a photograph of yourself (if possible, wearing your Immunodeficiency UK running vest or T-shirt) to help personalise your page.
  4. Share your page everywhere: Email, post and tweet your fundraising page to everyone you know.
  5. Get in touch with us so we can publicise your fundraising.

Good luck and thank you for supporting Immunodeficiency UK!