Sponsorship form

If you have supporters who would prefer to sponsor you offline, then email us, so we can send you a hard copy.

Boost the amount pledged by 25%, at no cost to you or your supporters, by asking your sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box on the form and to write their name and address.

Letter of authenticity

If your fundraising requires you to ask local businesses for money or items that can be donated as raffle prizes, and you require a letter of authenticity, then please get in touch. We will provide you with a signed letter on headed paper for authentication purposes.

Collection Tins

Our Immunodeficiency UK collection tins can help you collect spare change from your supporters. Email us for one and our bank account details so you can pay in your collection.

Running vests and T-shirts

We have both t-shirts and running vests for you to wear during your activities. Our running vests are made of professional material; ideal for use during sporting events, whilst our t-shirts are cotton and made from cotton making them ideal for non-sporting activities. Take a look at the sizes we have on offer from our webshop and get in touch with us with the size you require.