Call for access to prophylactic monoclonal antibodies as a protection against Covid for the immunodeficiency community

Immunodeficiency UK is campaigning for anti-Covid prophylactic monoclonal antibody therapies to be made available to people in the immunodeficiency community who have been unable to mount a protective response against Covid following vaccination.

You can help by writing to your Secretary of Health in your home nation country and/or writing to your MP.  Immunodeficiency UK has produced a template letter as a starting point to make this easier for you, but our top tip is to keep your letter as personal as possible.

Secretary of State contact details:


First Minister: Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS: First Minister of Wales
Minister for Health and Social Services: Eluned Morgan MS


Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care 

Northern Ireland

Minister for Health MLA Details: Mr Robin Swann 

Here is how to contact your MP:

This website will direct you to your MP, whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Contact your MP – UK Parliament.

You can also use your postcode or a place name to find out the name of your MP and how to contact them.

Posted 8th March 2022